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7 Qualities to Look for in a Freight Forwarder

The success of your supply chain directly depends on the level of expertise and competence of your freight forwarder. An experienced forwarder should be able to smoothly arrange your shipments, choose the best routes and transport mode as well as handle all required paperwork. Below are the 7 qualities that we believe a qualified forwarder must possess.

1. Expertise & Qualification

Depending on your business area, you must choose a freight forwarder qualified enough to handle your shipment according to your requirements, especially so for special categories of cargo such as dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, agricultural products, etc.

2. Fast & Comprehensive Response

A qualified forwarder will reply to your inquiries quickly and provide comprehensive information. To optimize the customer communication process, some logistics companies implement a CRM system that helps them improve interaction with customers and increase supply chain visibility.

3. Online Presence

Availability of a corporate website and social media pages speaks tons about the reliability of a freight forwarder. It helps you to find out more about the forwarder and the types of services that they provide as well as their contact details for communication. Moreover, such platforms provide an opportunity to learn from other customers' experiences, external reviews and honest testimonials.

4. Quality Management System

Implementing and maintaining an internationally recognized quality management system such as ISO 9001:2015 means that the forwarder uses a process approach to managing its operations and customer service. It is also an evidence of the forwarder’s competence and compliance with high quality standards. At Xscale, we maintain a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

5. Industry Credentials

Membership in international or national associations such as IATA, FIATA or WCA World is a testament to the appropriate organization of the forwarder’s operations and it also means that its services are compliant with the established laws and regulations.

6. Global Strategic Network

Global agency network and strategic partnerships enable the forwarder to ship to different parts of the globe and deal with potential problems quickly. In addition, close relationships with best-in-class global carriers gives the forwarder access to exclusive tariffs and booking priority which ultimately helps the customer save on the shipping costs without compromising service quality.

7. Ability to Manage Risks

It is important that the forwarder understands the risks involved in moving shipments and knows where things can go wrong and proactively takes steps to minimize such risks and protect your valuable assets. At Xscale, we run a risk management program to manage various risks, including those in our customers’ supply chains. For instance, we are covered by a forwarder's liability insurance, which not only applies to our global forwarding operations but also covers potential errors and omissions that may arise. It helps us protect our business and ultimately our customers from serious financial consequences in case of damage or loss of cargo.


About Xscale

Xscale is a logistics and supply chain management company headquartered in Singapore. We operate out of our hubs in Singapore, Tashkent, Frankfurt and London, providing a complete range of logistics and procurement services to businesses around the world. We combine our global network, industry expertise and highly competent professionals to work alongside our customers and solve their supply chain challenges. Contact Us if you require any assistance.


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