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Customs Clearance

Enabling cross-border trade

Customs clearance is a minefield of ever-shifting rules and regulations, posing compliance risks for businesses involved in cross-border trade. Our customs clearance specialists at Xscale are experienced in supporting international trade and facilitating customs paperwork. We deal with constant challenges of regulatory red-tape to ensure smooth flow of your goods across international borders. Relying on our speed, efficiency and local expertise, you can avoid shipment delays and costly penalties.

Cross-Border Movements

We provide transit customs clearance and handling services for cross-border shipments involving various modes of transport. From transit documentation and payment of local charges to facilitating transit permits or arranging customs/security escort, we ensure that no shipment is held or delayed in transit. Our teams are experienced in cross-docking, handling and forwarding multimodal shipments domestically and internationally.

Customs Compliance

Correct customs entries and documentation is key to remaining compliant with local customs regulations in any country. Our global network and local knowledge in the markets that we serve allow us to ensure that our customers do not have to deal with the red tape or worry about compliance, regardless of the locality. Our customs clearance services and procedures include:

  • Duty and tax calculation

  • HS code classification

  • Applying for certificates

  • Import/export/transit permits

  • Filing import and export declarations

  • Commercial invoices and packing lists

Customs & Trade Advisory

Our teams can provide advisory services to businesses seeking to navigate global regulatory requirements and proactively manage costs. We consult our customers on global standards, risks, consequences of non-compliance and ways to potentially deduct duties or reduce taxes. Our entire team of customs brokers, logistics specialists, accountants and former customs officials are ready to guide you through the complexities of the global supply chain.

Any Questions?

We are here to help. Get in touch with our experts any time and we will find the solution you need.

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