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Risk Management

Safeguarding your valuable assets

Supply chain risks are a reality that shippers have to deal with. While you cannot completely eliminate potential risks when your shipment is in transit, you can take a few proactive measures to limit your exposure. At Xscale, we treat our customers’ assets as we would treat our own. That is why we take a proactive approach to managing shipping risks in order to safeguard your valuable assets.

Cargo Insurance

Under international conventions and national laws / regulations, carriers’ and freight forwarders' liability is limited. This means, as a shipper, you cannot recover the full value of your goods in case of loss or damage during transport or handling. That is the reason we recommend taking cargo insurance to protect your shipments against traffic incidents, mishandling, delays or other unforeseen circumstances. We work with some of the best insurance companies with extensive experience in cargo insurance, to protect your assets against most types of supply chain risks.

Liability Insurance

Apart from cargo insurance coverage that we offer our customers, we hold a freight forwarder’s liability insurance. This offers us financial protection against liability risks arising from unforeseen circumstances - cargo damage or loss as a result of mishandling, natural events, abandonment, delays, etc. Additionally, our insurance coverage extends to unintentional errors and omissions committed by our employees.​​

Risk Governance

To minimize risks for our customers, we go a step further than most players in the market. Through our risk governance framework, we proactively manage risks that threaten to disrupt our customers’ supply chains and ultimately our own business. Our Risk Register sessions are an annual exercise where members of our core team come together to identify, analyze and treat risks, appointing specific risk owners and deadlines for mitigating action. We are here to provide protection for your hard-earned investment and ensure long-term prosperity for your business.

Any Questions?

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