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Managing your overseas move

In today's globalized world, international mobility has become the norm. You may move overseas for a variety of reasons: advance your career, provide better education for your children, escape political/social upheaval, protect your hard-earned capital or for lifestyle reasons. Wherever you may choose to go, relocation comes with the added burden of arranging the logistics.


At Xscale, we take a holistic approach to helping people and corporates move internationally. Our move experts collaborate with our trusted network of global partners to provide a complete solution to meet your diverse needs. From moving your personal effects or pets to house hunting, office rent or international tax planning, our experts have you covered, regardless of location.

Removal Services

Moving overseas can be a complex undertaking - you have a lot to deal with and forwarding your personal belongings is part of the process. Our international relocation services cover the entire logistics of moving your personal belongings and household goods.

  • Packing and collection

  • Export customs clearance

  • Import customs clearance

  • Permits for items of cultural value

Moving Pets

​Long journeys by air, with transit points at different countries, could be a stressful experience for your domestic pets. Our IATA-trained pet travel experts take on all the complexities of shipping live animals overseas. This could involve finding appropriate travel carriers, water bowls, filing veterinary documentation, checking pet import regulations at destination or designing the shortest possible route to ensure a smooth travel for your pets.​

Immigration Support

Our move managers are people with extensive expat experience in various countries of the globe. This puts us in a very powerful position to help others arrange their international move. Our specialist teams, from London to Singapore, are constantly scanning the market for best deals in second passports, emerging CIP (citizenship by investment) programs or permanent residency options in some of the most investor-friendly countries of the world.

International Tax Planning

Tax planning starts well in advance of physical relocation. We provide country-specific tax advisory so you do not have to deal with the surprise consequences of capital gains tax or face compliance issues before you even settle in your new home. We specialize in setting up corporate and individual tax structures in some of the best jurisdictions around the world, from simple to complex or anything tailored to fit your specific situation. Wherever in the world you may choose to move, you may rely on our international experience and trusted global network to gain access to world-class tools to manage your wealth. Our portfolio in this field includes:

  • Tax advisory

  • Incorporation

  • Bank account opening

  • Accounting & taxation

  • Ongoing compliance

Any Questions?

We are here to help. Get in touch with our experts any time and we will find the solution you need.

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