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Aviation Services

Supporting airline operations

At Xscale, we support commercial airlines, private jet and charter operators in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. From ground handling support, flight permits or air cargo sales, we mobilize our aviation expertise and resources to make your operations as smooth and cost-efficient as possible. Our strategic relationships with civil aviation authorities and government agencies allow us to fast track approvals and coordinate communications for regular or charter flight operations. Our service portfolio includes:

  • Regular or charter permits

  • Slot coordination

  • Ground handling support

  • Crew concierge services

  • Cargo sales & marketing

Flight Permits

Overflight and landing permit applications are the first steps for airlines planning regular or ad-hoc flight operations. In emerging markets such as Uzbekistan and/or Central Asia, coordination with local authorities could be challenging due to poor knowledge of the legal environment or the overly complex process. Our job as an aviation services broker is to act as a single interface between airlines and a host of government services, taking the pain out of the permit application and coordination process.

Ground Handling

We offer ground handling support and coordination services at key airports in Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries. We work with airport authorities, jet fuel suppliers and ground handling companies to provide quality ground handling services and support to our customers. Our services are coordinated by technical staff with extensive experience in the aviation industry and we keep learning from our past projects to continually improve our services.

Cargo Sales & GSA

We have an extensive cargo sales network and intimate knowledge of air cargo markets in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. We design and implement programs to set up and manage your cargo sales and marketing activities in local markets. Our freight forwarding teams work closely with your corporate sales teams on market research, tariffs, interline agreements and growing cargo sales to load up your capacity on any required routes, inbound or outbound.

Any Questions?

We are here to help. Get in touch with our experts any time and we will find the solution you need.

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